Gorillas, Chimps–all the primates–groom each other socially; TwoLeggeds do too, but we usually charge for our services! I never did. To me, cutting and cleaning and combing were all necessary tasks–all part of Being AlphaMom to a Pack of Canine Kids.

I have always considered being allowed to groom a Pup an honor. It meant I was Trusted. Grooming was a great, low-key way to spend some one-on-one time (a rarity in Domesticated PackLiving) with a Pup. Besides showing them affection, grooming the Canine Kids in my care also provided me with the opportunity to tune in and Pay Attention. I have found all sorts of things: bumps and scabs and growths and fleas/ticks (grrrr) and embedded pine needles and even infections while ministering to them. The Pups knew I wanted to help so they would show me things by scratching or shaking or gnawing or licking themselves, or by simply lifting a paw. The looks of gratitude in their eyes were very real, which made all the time and effort worth it.

Because I intentionally strove to do what needed to be done to ensure the Canine Kids in my care were the best and most comfortable they could be, I saw and Learned a lot! I also noticed howooo pleased PupPeople were to get their Pups back looking better than when they were dropped off!